Sit-Stand Desktop Workstations & Standing Desk Supplier in Washington DC

The benefits of choosing sit-stand desktop workstations for your employees are countless. Some of the biggest benefits include avoiding leg muscles from shutting down while sitting for long periods of time and your good cholesterol levels dropping by 20%. At Contract Furniture Options Inc, we are the leading suppliers of standing desks and sit-stand desktop workstations in Washington, DC. Since 1997, our experienced team has been working with over 250 manufacturers to provide a quality selection of office and commercial furniture.

Types of Sit-Stand Desktop Workstations


Cost efficient option that is easy to transition from sitting to standing. Built with a simple z-frame design, the Z-lift sit-stand desktop workstation lifts up and out.


Like the Z-lift, the X-lift sit-stand workstation is low cost but transitions straight up and down and can be used as a space-saving converter.

Post & Base

The post & base sit-stand desktop workstation is an option that includes the monitor post (built-in), saving you from purchasing additional parts. The keyboard and monitor height adjust vertically with its simple design.


Ergonomic, space-saving and best for sharing your screen with others, hover standing desks are equipped with a swinging monitor arm.


Conveniently transition with an electric sit-stand desktop workstation, especially for those unable to manually crank their desk to convert it.

Desktop Converter or Riser

As your most cost-efficient option, desktop converters / risers serve as an addition to your existing desk or table.

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